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A story about black baseball is ultimately a story about America. Bold entrepreneurship and unwavering persistence in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, provided black athletes an "alternative universe" in which to achieve success, in much the same way that black clubs gave voice to generations of gifted musicians. That many of them eclipsed their white counterparts, while certainly gratifying, was painfully ironic and acutely bittersweet as well. Like the fully realized civil rights movement that followed, the chronicle of the Negro Leagues demonstrates the desperate struggle, righteous determination and sheer desire that led to eventual triumph. The experiences of the ballplayers not only mirrored and foreshadowed what was to come, but in many respects, helped pave the way to racial equality.

To fully illustrate the significance of how Negro baseball set the course for today's professional sports scene and indeed today's America, INVISIBLE MEN provides a well-rounded, thorough context for the vivid tales of the Negro Leaguers. What they invented in 1916 and kept vibrant until the 1950's (by which time they'd achieved their goal of full integration into Major League Baseball), turned out to be, perhaps unwittingly, a revolution of sorts. Their journeys, literal and figurative, celebrate an unflagging and inspiring exercise of the inherent right to fulfill aspirations and realize dreams, despite systemic, rigorous and often violent exclusion from society's power structure.

INVISIBLE MEN concentrates primarily on the pivotal twelve years from 1935 until 1947. The real life stars of the Leagues figure significantly in the story. But one representational and realistic fictional family (born from much detailed research) will be its heart and soul, as we focus on two brothers who barnstorm with the teams. Their successes and failures, their pain and joy, and their relationship to each other, as they share this unique right of passage into manhood with the real life heroes of Negro ball, boldly presents an iconic American tale, finally bringing it to screenplay form. This is a story that has been waiting to be cinematically told for fifty years. There has never been a better time than now.